How can you cut the costs of monitoring your mobile staff and remote offices?

To do this, we are building a platform to automate the work and control of field staff and remote offices

There is always a solution

Zegoal addresses the following tasks:

Zegoal offers an automatic task timer and time sheet to give you an objective picture of your working day. You can always find out: when your mobile employee’s day started and ended, how much time they spent in transit, how much time they spent with customersm and how much time they wasted.

Zegoal has customisable digital task templates to monitor and improve the quality of service. You will always be able to review the quality of completed operations and share the results with your customers.

Monitoring your remote staff will enable you to know their current location and control travel costs.

There are many measurable benefits that you enjoy when using our platform:

Reduced administrative costs
Increased profits
Transparency of business processes

Trusted by market leaders

System features

What Zegoal can do

The purpose of each feature of our system is to cut your costs: time, money, nerves


Create and assign tasks based on various scenarios (templates), coordinate, monitor progress and view results.


This block contains the Customer Database and associated
Locations, Contacts, Assets


Check your staff’s current location using GPS-tracking


Explore mobile staff performance using spreadsheets and maps


Scheduling will benefit companies that distribute many tasks among many employees.

Analytics (Beta)

A new section that builds on the theme of reports. The main difference from the Reports section is its ability to modify a generated report instantaneously.

Get a free а charge consultation from the company’s founder

* one-time consultation on how to improve the performance of field staff and remote offices in a question-and-answer session

User experience

Industries and solutions

Find out how Zegoal helps to optimise the work of managers and employees in practice

Retail chains

Retail chains

Control of the visual standards of a retail chain

Useful for companies wishing to maintain excellence in work and service in each of their shops, POS, and branches

Service companies

Service companies

Automation of work of service personnel

For companies ready to enter the digital age

GPS-control of mobile staff

GPS-control of mobile staff

Make the work of your field staff transparent

A must have for all efficient companies

Merchandiser control

Merchandiser control

Organise and control merchandiser work and product display

Suitable for FMCG companies and retailers

5 improvements to benefit from with Zegoal

1. Your field staff will get more work done.

By making all processes transparent and ruling out any chance for your staff to skimp work.

2. Your dispatchers will work faster.

By saving time on communication and paperwork.

3. You will discover all bottlenecks and what caused them.

The incompetence of individual employees, shortage (or surplus) of staff will become apparent.

4. The loyalty of your customers and clients will improve.

Because your staff will always arrive on time and well prepared.

5. Your Company will generate more profit.

Because all of your business processes are streamlined. From the elimination of idle time in the field to fuel saving due to optimised routes.


What our customers say

An excellent solution for retail standards monitoring. I especially love the flexible report designer.



    The system is easy to use and helps us to automate management of medical representatives


      Gedeon Rihter

      Great solution for sales representatives activities monitoring. Easily customized for our needs.



        Flexible task templates (really cool!), GPS tracking with mileage control, task reports and all this in one application



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