The secret to the perfect product layout. Make the work of your merchandisers transparent in seven days*

*Average time for platform implementation and staff training

How much time does your staff spend at retail outlets?

Did the merchandisers visit all of your facilities this week…?

Does the product layout match the planogram…?

Merchandisers are free people. Their work is not always closely controlled, there are many distractions, and their faults can always be attributed to buyers, sellers or competitors. And yet, it is possible to control the effectiveness of the work of merchandisers in the field.

This is again about the GPS monitoring of employees…” – you probably thought and didn’t guess. Satellite monitoring is a simple option. It only shows the location of the employees, as well as their destination and movement velocity. Besides, it doesn’t always work correctly.

For example, the so-called corporate Mobile Employee service, which is offered by mobile operators, provides data with an error of … 400 meters! And this is within the city.

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In the regions, the difference between the real location and the point on the screen can be up to four kilometres! This can hardly be called effective control of field employees… Where does such an inaccuracy come from? To determine the location, mobile operators use communication towers. And this is not the most accurate reference point.

Does this mean that satellite GPS control of merchandisers provides a solution to all of the challenges?

Needless to say that it provides accurate information about the location of your employees: the error does not exceed 25-35 meters. But does geography alone determine the quality of merchandisers’ work…?

The answer is negative. Only comprehensive remote control of merchandisers with detailed reports and analytics allows making objective conclusions about the quality of their work.

The solution is comprehensive merchandiser work automation

It enables you to:

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Simple tracking does not cover these parameters. However, remote control of merchandisers can easily cope with them. Without work sheets that are accepted “in good faith”, secret visits to the facility and comments of befriended managers by phone. Supervisor work automation will weed out lazy employees and inspire diligent ones.

Remember that

“A product that is not sold today is never sold. Tomorrow it will be another product.” And it's not about expiration dates.

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What our customers say

An excellent solution for retail standards monitoring. I especially love the flexible report designer.



    The system is easy to use and helps us to automate management of medical representatives


      Gedeon Rihter

      Great solution for sales representatives activities monitoring. Easily customized for our needs.



        Flexible task templates (really cool!), GPS tracking with mileage control, task reports and all this in one application



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