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Benefit from the all-in-one CRM system with a customer database designed for companies with field staff

The intuitive tool interface for forming customer relations history with customer locations, assets, and contacts.

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Zegoal is a CRM system with an advanced customer database. Our cloud-based CRM system is more than just a set of customer cards with a task and job history. We have picked the best practices and created a simple yet comprehensive tool, which is particularly suitable for companies with field staff.

The key concept underlying our CRM system is the associations between the basic elements: company, location, contact, assets. Every Customer has an address or service location — its office, home, or any other location. These locations are home to their assets that require maintenance, repair, or record-keeping. Naturally, it is crucial to have contact information for effective communication. A task can be attached to any of these items so that the entire chain of events and connections can be tracked later.

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An all-in-one business system

Gives you all the capabilities you need: from setting tasks and streamlining your mobile employees’ schedules to taking orders and performing routine and regular maintenance of equipment and other assets. The Zegoal CRM system is designed for businesses that provide services at Customers’ premises: home, office, or any other location.

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