Automation of Business Processes in HoReCa

HoReCa is the most unpredictable market segment.

It is necessary to find suppliers, arrange logistics and storage, pass inspections, repair equipment, monitor the work of couriers. And it all depends on the promptness, punctuality and honesty of your employees. We are confident that they can work better and do more in the same time.

To do this, we created Zegoal, a powerful tool for automating business processes and managing field employees.

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You need Zegoal if you are a HoReCa company or a business that works with HoReCa

Zegoal is a business process management platform. It will help any business from the HoReCa segment that has field employees to generate more revenue.

Here's what Zegoal can do to improve your business:


It helps to take account of the work of hotel staff and contractors. Enable control of the quality of room cleaning.

Hotel registration
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Restaurants, Cafes.

Optimizes cooperation with sales representatives and product suppliers. Simplifies the work of couriers if you deliver food on order.

If you are a service company, distributor or a delivery service

Zegoal will set up your business processes and help you work effectively with HoReCa customers.

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What will Zegoal do exactly for your business?

Zegoal keeps track of all customers and trips. Going to the site, the employee can view the client history in order to take into account all the nuances. Order history can be supplemented with reviews and electronic signatures of customers. Feedback is especially important for HoReCa companies, and Zegoal helps to collect it.

Detailed reports linked to KPIs will show which of your employees is lazy.

It will build optimal routes, show a list of tasks and their progress, transfer paper work to the Internet, and collect the most detailed statistics.

Save time, work faster and earn more with Zegoal.

Contact us and we will discuss the improvement of your business processes!

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