What do your sales representatives do during working hours? Employee Location Monitoring will tell for sure.

A good sales agent is able to sell three pairs of gloves to Venus de Milo.

Robert Orben

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling gloves or dump trucks. A good sales agent will help your business grow. A bad sales agent will run your business into a snag. Read: pull it backwards.

In many respects, the result of the work of a sales representative depends on how much time and effort they spent on promoting your products. Unfortunately, sales agents do not always spend all their working time on solving work tasks.

Why is this happening? We identify three main causes and offer something that will completely eliminate them:

Everyone has their own idea of how much shall be done for good measure. Once people reach their level of aspirations, they often relax and work “by inertia”, although they could earn even more. GPS control of sales representatives relieves your business of this paradox: the motivation of your sales agents gains momentum, and your sales increase.

Everything is simple here. Apart from cases of sacrificial altruism, we always weigh whether our efforts will bring us a sufficient result. At the end of the day, drive across the entire city for an eighth get-acquainted meeting, which does not promise any contracts? Believe me, many will refuse. And your sales reps sometimes do just that. But this is not the case with remote control of sales representatives.

Yes, these people need to find another job. But between the emergence of self-doubt and dismissal, months can pass. Hundreds of working days during which the sales agent works half-heartedly. Do you need this…? En route control of sales representatives promptly identifies unmotivated employees and informs you about the KPI performance of each of them.

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Most important: Control of sales representatives is not just movement tracking. This is a comprehensive solution that helps sales agents work faster and better. We named it Zegoal*.

*We named it Zegoal (derived from THE GOAL), because with this platform, the employees work faster, are always in touch and promptly report about work progress. The platform is installed on smartphones and tablets. On your part, you can also exercise control over sales representatives using your phone.

The Zegoal platform solves several problems at once:

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The last one is the most important. Compare actual performance with target performance and draw conclusions. You can analyse simple information on your own.

Have you already tried any solutions for GPS control of sales representatives , but got disappointed…? This means that you were sold just a tracking tool that did not collect statistics and did not provide you with employee performance data.

Let’s get it right!

We are willing to demonstrate you how Zegoal works and what the information it collects tells you during a free trial period. Because we are sure: remote control of sales representatives will make a difference.

You can also optimize and improve the work of your merchandisers.

You can also optimize and improve the work of your merchandisers.


What our customers say

An excellent solution for retail standards monitoring. I especially love the flexible report designer.



    The system is easy to use and helps us to automate management of medical representatives


      Gedeon Rihter

      Great solution for sales representatives activities monitoring. Easily customized for our needs.



        Flexible task templates (really cool!), GPS tracking with mileage control, task reports and all this in one application



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