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How to control visual merchandising and point of sales design standards?

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Most probably, at present, your processes of visual merchandising and point of sales design standards control works as follows:

Control is lacking

You put a lot of efforts to create your brand and visual presentation of your points of sales, but you do not control them.

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Control is ensured by point of sales managers

Everyone ensures control differently. Results of checks (if any) are not summarised, or exist only in the mind of employees.

To know the actual condition, one has to attend each point of sales personally.

You have got an entire team moving from point to point, that ensures manual check

Employees take photos, and make notes in paper check lists. After the visits they arrive to the office, upload images to a PC hard drive, and manually summarise check lists in an electronic table.

You face significant administrative expenses on business trips. Data in final reports becomes obsolete by the time the check of all points of sales is completed.

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Photo reports are submitted by point of sales employees upon request of the head office.

Using WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber or e-mail, manager sends a request for a photo report by point of sales employees. The employees take photos and send them by e-mail. Manager saves information on the hard drive, summarises it, and prepares reports manually.

As a result, manual control is required to check, who has submitted photo reports. It is difficult to check where, when, and by whom photos were made. It requires a lot of time to prepare a summarised report. Information is stored on hard drive in various folders, which makes it difficult to search for necessary images.

“All right, but what do you offer?!”


Switch the processes to electronic format:

Electronic check lists

A check list template is prepared in developer, which employees will fill in using their mobile phones.

Electronic tasks

Point of sales employees receive electronic tasks in order to provide fast real time information on point of sales compliance with visual merchandising standards.

Electronic control results

Task fulfillment process is controlled. Photo reports and check lists are reviewed in a convenient interface.

Electronic feedback

Did you find issues with price tags, cleanliness of rugs at the entrance zone, or employee appearance? Write a comment to the task, which will be received at the executor's mobile phone. Upon elimination of errors, point of sales employee will send you relevant confirmation.

Electronic database

All control results are stored in a cloud server providing access from any part of the world 24/7. All information is well structured and interconnected: task fulfillment results are linked to locations, executors, and geographic data.

Electronic reports

Standard reports are revised, or customised reports are created in the developer. As a bonus, one can export necessary photo reports. Each photo will have its name including place of production, data and time of production, and author of the photo.

“Are there any examples of use?”

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A telecom company. 90 points of sales and service, over 300 partner points of sale.

How it was

How it is now

As a result

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“Does this actually suit us?”

Good question!

Visual merchandising control automation will suit any company with more, than 2 points of sales.



Centers of sales and service provision of telecom companies

Fuel stations

Food/Non Food FMCG

Fashion retail

Beauty parlours and barber shops

Service centers

Trusted by market leaders

“Well. How to implement this in our case?”

3 simple steps to start automatic monitoring of field workers​


Add employee accounts, add points of sales to the location base, create electronic forms of check lists.


Set the tasks, check reports received, and provide feedback, prepare reports for the management and vendors.

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