Monitoring of filling stations

Filling stations... There is so much more about them than just a place to buy gas for your car. People make a stop here to benefit from a service that is not available on the motorway. There is a fuel station, a café, a tyre service and even a shower.

Competition in this market segment is growing stronger every year. Customer requirements for a broader range of services available at filling stations and excellent quality are growing as well.

In order to offer consistently high quality of all services, filling station networks introduce uniform service standards. These standards appear to regulate everything: from their staff appearance to product display and business processes. Standards are helpful, but, alas, not always met.

As they monitor the quality of services, managers apply the traditional secret shopper and random inspection techniques. But what if a network has hundreds and thousands of stations? Obviously, other tools are required to monitor whether standards are put in place. Such as Zegoal.

Контроль стандартов работы АЗС

Zegoal is used at filling stations as a powerful tool to continuously monitor task performance and operating standards. This is how it is implemented:

Business processes are converted into electronic form

Existing standards are digitised into electronic business processes.

Electronic tasks are assigned

Each task (from table cleaning in a café to acceptance of oil products) becomes a check-list with intermediate actions.

Results are monitored

As soon as the staff set to work, they are assigned tasks (either automatically or manually) in the mobile Zegoal version. Once they complete them, the staff confirm the quality by taking a photo.

Implementation impact:

And most importantly

Customers remember the exact location of your filling station. They are willing to drive an extra mile to make sure they enjoy excellent service.


What our customers say

An excellent solution for retail standards monitoring. I especially love the flexible report designer.



    The system is easy to use and helps us to automate management of medical representatives


      Gedeon Rihter

      Great solution for sales representatives activities monitoring. Easily customized for our needs.



        Flexible task templates (really cool!), GPS tracking with mileage control, task reports and all this in one application



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