Boosting service efficiency through digital technologies

A human is the main resource that any service is built around


People are not perfect:

2 hours of decision-making per day*

Maximum capacity to make hard decisions without special stimulants (sleep, glucose, etc.)

*Daniel Kahneman (2014)

4 objects stored in memory**

Short-term memory capacity

**Nelson Cowan (2001)

A Broken Pencil
White crumpled unfolded paper sheet texture background

“How come?”

A logical question from an attentive reader

Technology has markedly evolved over the past 12,000 years... But the human brain hasn’t

Different ways of illumination

“What is the way to improve the efficiency of service staff then? ”


Digitize business processes

Benefits of digitizing business processes:

1. Accuracy and integrity of data

2. Objective control of compliance with standards

3. Control of compliance with safety regulations


4. Enhanced staff efficiency

5. Room for development

Enhanced efficiency of business processes frees up additional resources.

How can you capitalize on these resources?

According to research*, the use of proactive and predictive service models cuts costs up to 7 times, while downtime and defects are slashed by 87.3%.

*”Maintenance Costs and Advanced Maintenance Techniques in Manufacturing Machinery: Survey and Analysis”
Douglas Thomas and Brian Weiss

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