Overview of Zegoal features

Zegoal = ‘The goal’ — set goals and achieve them faster, easier, and cheaper with our help!

Zegoal is a comprehensive all-in-one business process management platform for companies with field staff and many remote offices

* “Field employees” means personnel working out of the office most of the time, mobile staff.  These may include sales representatives, merchandisers, medical representatives, service personnel, installers, couriers, etc.

Zegoal’s main focus is the Customer and everything associated with the Customer:


Offices, shops, buildings, structures


Customers’ employees


Customers’ assets

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Tasks are assigned to these objects, data cards are filled in, entries and comments are added. This way we help you to achieve 100% digital transparency of your business processes.

Zegoal consists of two elements

Web application

For task setting, control, analytics.

Mobile application

To receive and perform tasks, view the history of engagement with customers and related facilities.

There are 8 main blocks in the Web application for managers, coordinators, and dispatchers:


Create and assign tasks based on various scenarios (templates), coordinate, monitor progress and view results.


This block contains the Customer Database and associated
Locations, Contacts, Assets


Check your staff’s current location using GPS-tracking


Explore mobile staff performance using spreadsheets and maps

Analytics (Beta)

A new section that builds on the theme of reports. The main difference from the Reports section is its ability to modify a generated report instantaneously.


Add new employees, edit current employees, configure GPS tracking modes and schedules, assign user rights


Scheduling will benefit companies that distribute many tasks among many employees.


This block is used to set up the entire system

Mobile application

Zegoal helps your mobile staff to boost their performance.

An employee sees complete information on the facility, the dispatcher’s comments, and task history.

Employee records the start, milestones, and end of task. Or pauses the task where necessary.

An employee fills out electronic checklists and takes photos of the completed tasks and their quality. And receives the customer’s electronic signature.

An employee replies to the Supervisor’s comments on completed tasks.

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Zegoal helps you work faster and deliver better quality.

We have already helped dozens of our customers to improve their staff performance by an average of 24% and save up to 30% of both money and time at month-end.

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Popular questions about Zegoal

It incorporates the functionality of GPS tracking, office CRM solutions, reporting systems, and paperless document management systems — all in one.

It is a powerful comprehensive solution for automating the work of field staff and remote offices. Your business will definitely benefit from Zegoal, as it can replace several applications that you are currently using, as well as improve the performance of your analysts, dispatchers and field workers.

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