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Looking for effective ways to control mobile employees? We are here to help!

Zegoal is a multifunctional platform which provides you with information about how your field employees move from point to point and complete the tasks assigned to them. That is, it allows you to impartially evaluate the effectiveness of their work.

Why Zegoal is useful:

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How does Zegoal work?

Our system is built on the ALL-IN-ONE principle. You do not need to install a separate GPS Tracker, Task Book, CRM.

The Web App allows the manager, dispatcher, coordinator to:

The Mobile App allows the user to:

Be under control

GPS tracking, accounting of working hours

Receive and complete electronic tasks

if the Manager has granted such a right in the system

Create tasks for themselves

if the Manager has granted such a right in the system

Work with their clients in the CRM Module

Viewing information, client history, editing client details, creating new clients

Who is Zegoal designed for?

Our system is suitable for all types of field and mobile employees (on foot, on bicycle, by car). The system will be particularly appreciated by companies who employ sales representatives, merchandisers, couriers, service engineers, promoters, drivers.

5 improvements to benefit from with Zegoal

1. Your field staff will get more work done.

By making all processes transparent and ruling out any chance for your staff to skimp work.

2. Your dispatchers will work faster.

By saving time on communication and paperwork.

3. You will discover all bottlenecks and what caused them.

The incompetence of individual employees, shortage (or surplus) of staff will become apparent.

4. The loyalty of your customers and clients will improve.

Because your staff will always arrive on time and well prepared.

5. Your Company will generate more profit.

Because all of your business processes are streamlined. From the elimination of idle time in the field to fuel saving due to optimised routes.

Zegoal помогает работать быстрее и качественнее.

Мы уже помогли десяткам наших клиентов увеличить производительность сотрудников в среднем на 24% и сэкономить от 30% денег и времени по итогам месяца.

We are positive that you actively use technical innovations in various areas. You pay for utilities and mobile communications via the Internet, and do not stand in line at the post office. You book tickets for trains, planes and concerts online, and not at the box office. You find out exchange rates in real time, rather than visiting a bank.

What prevents you from approaching business management just as consciously and wisely?

Habit? Scepticism? Ignorance?

We will answer all your questions and offer a free Zegoal trial period.

Zegoal is the evolution of business management.

Follow these three simple steps to start automatic control of field employees


Create employee accounts and install the Zegoal app on their smartphones


Import customer database



Yes, for every employee who has a smartphone with Zegoal app installed. Zegoal will display exact information about the employee location, the status of his task, what he has already done, the remaining battery charge of his smartphone. With just one click, you can start a conversation or send files.

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What our customers say

An excellent solution for retail standards monitoring. I especially love the flexible report designer.



    The system is easy to use and helps us to automate management of medical representatives


      Gedeon Rihter

      Great solution for sales representatives activities monitoring. Easily customized for our needs.



        Flexible task templates (really cool!), GPS tracking with mileage control, task reports and all this in one application



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