How digital solutions optimize the work of field personnel

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Paperless operations, standardised performance and a reduction of costs through efficient and streamlined processes – sounds like every field service provider’s dream scenario, but is it actually achievable?

Increasingly, digitalisation of decisions and procedures is being implemented by companies in the field service sector, in order to reduce wastage of time and resources. Few employees are now office based, and keeping track of staff and documentation through emails and calls is quite obviously not a long term solution. Zegoal’s Field Service Automation Software is an all-in-one interface that manages an organization’s assets, systems, field staff and customer interactions. Not only does the system assist managers in planning and monitoring standards and personnel, but it also improves efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction.

How it works

Zegoal’s Field Service Automation Software provides an all-in-one solution to service sector operations, from the initial stage of order creation through to invoicing. Once the task request is entered into the system, field service personnel have access to all job details and documentation though the same cloud-based data stream which is retrievable via a mobile app. 

Zegoal software manages the task by analysing three key aspects: what needs to be done, who will do it and where will it be done. Firstly, the task is created by the completion of an online form, examples of tasks include scheduled patient visits for existing health conditions or to a site for an emergency equipment repair. Secondly, the system will allocate the task to relevant personnel subject to their availability. Finally, the scheduling process will take into account the location for task completion, thereby optimising efficiency by filtering available staff according to their proximity to the area at the specified time. The Zegoal Automated system is then able to collate the information and create the order based on the finalised scheduling, allocating deadlines for start and end dates and calculating the cost to produce an invoice.

10 x more efficient

Using a fully automated and centralised system for field services streamlines the processes involved and improves overall efficiency. Zegoal software allows for the schedules for field service technicians to be automatically generated within the data stream and tasks are allocated directly by the back-office. Some procedures can be eliminated completely, resulting in reduced costs and processing times.

Paperless efficiency

The entire process from the creation of an order to the invoice is fully automated. The field technician receives all the relevant documentation to his mobile via the Zegoal app. There is no longer a possibility of invoices getting lost, being misfiled, getting damaged or being duplicated. The production, processing and storage of hard copy paperwork is costly and time-consuming, using a cloud-based data processing system offers a secure option to replace these outdated, traditional methods.

Staffing efficiency

Historically, management of field service personnel can be challenging, and something of an evolutionary process took place in order to improve team efficiency. Managers gradually implemented location control systems as a means of keeping track of their field service staff. In-built GPS functionality within Zegoal software takes tracking to another level by facilitating the monitoring of field personnel, and enabling the rapid resolution of unforeseen logistical challenges. GPS also provides an effective solution for the allocation of emergency tasks, as it can identify an available field operator in the area, at any given time.

Managers subsequently realised that tracking was only part of the issue, and so developed procedures to monitor the activities of field personnel. As a means of quality control, companies introduced a requirement for task completion checklists to be evidenced by the use of photo, video and audio reports. Zegoal software allows for the upload of photo, video and audio evidence to accompany task completion reports, thereby facilitating quality assurance and providing an accurate and reliable record of task completion.

In the field service sector, one of the key issues for personnel is the amount of time they are allocated for task completion. Time-monitoring software is also incorporated into the Zegoal system, and this facilitates control over attendance times and time spent on a task. In this way, the workflow is smoother and more efficient, and issues such as missing staff or spare hours are resolved.

Customer satisfaction

Providing customers with a service that is of a consistently high standard is vitally important for any company, but this is particularly true for the field service sector. Today’s customers expect a high level of efficiency and reliability from the services they purchase, and service providers face quite unique challenges, in that they need to ensure there is compliance with standards, even though their employees are remotely distributed. The requirement for field personnel to provide media evidenced task completion reports ensures quality control is more manageable, and customer complaints can be resolved more effectively.

A full client profile is easily accessible within the system, including site contacts and sales history, in this way customer queries or task completion issues can be resolved simply and rapidly.

Transparent invoicing

Invoice generation is fast and reliable. The cost calculations are generated automatically with the input of task information, any special conditions can also be applied at this stage. The invoice is then recorded on the system and available for the customer to view.


Zegoal’s automated system produces optimum results in the management of resources in service industries and is fully transferable to all service sectors. The basic operating functions remain the same, but they can be adapted to meet the needs of the company according to the sector they serve.

Field Service Automation for the Healthcare Sector

Now, more than ever, the mobile field service healthcare sector plays a key role in supporting primary care institutions in assisting patients and the vulnerable in their homes. Over the past year, an increasing level of healthcare provision has taken place in the community and that trend is set to continue.

Zegoal software provides a fully automated system which supports the processing of care visits from the initial scheduling through to invoicing. In addition, alongside the standard invoice creation function, the Zegoal automated system can also manage the collection of reports for submission to insurance companies.

There is no longer a need for staff to complete visit report paperwork, as the Zeogoal system holds comprehensive information on a client’s health history which can be simply and quickly updated on site via the mobile app. The electronic patient card is held in a secure one-base location and can be updated with all relevant details, such as duration of visit, diagnosis, treatment provided , special circumstances and follow-up recommendations. In this way, there are no knowledge gaps and any member of the healthcare team is able to meet the client’s needs.

The Zegoal software has a fully integrated system managing staff schedules, it also provides a solution for controlling nurses’ task allocations. In cases of patient emergency, the system is able to allocate emergency cases to any available member of staff close to the location. It also resolves issues of staff availability by updating the schedule with details of absences, for example those due to annual leave and sickness. Lastly, the software can manage staff travel reimbursement payments by monitoring milage through an app add-on.

Field Service Automation for the Retail and HoReCa Sectors.

Zegoal’s software can facilitate the implementation of a network-wide standardization, that can be difficult to achieve in the non-food retail service sector. One of the key benefits of the system, specific to the needs of the sector, is that it enables the creation of checklist templates for work standards for use across the network. This results in improved standards in staff performance and efficient management of staff shortcomings and non-compliance. The use of photo and video task reports ensures rapid, transparent responses to vendor requests leading to increased vendor loyalty. Transference of data from marketing teams to remotely distributed staff for analysis and control improves efficiency across the sales function and centralizes data storage in a cloud-based steam, which is then available to staff across the network. 

Our Commitment to You

At Zegoal, we believe that the client is our priority and we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and customer support. We ensure that all software is tailored to the client’s specific requirements in order that they can optimize their efficiency and service provision. We are convinced that implementing field service automation is crucial for companies in the field service sector, in order that they can meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding market. Learn more about Zegoal  and how we can support your company’s move to automation.

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