Release notes July 2021

Release notes
  • We have updated task import from excel. Now you can extensively create tasks benefiting from an excel template with an addition of contacts and assets.
  • In the detailed view of an employee profile an option is now available to view the current version of their mobile app. Remote staff management has become even easier. There is no need now to call an employee to find out the version of their mobile app. All you need now is to access an employee profile via the administrator portal.
  • We have updated the mechanism for emailing task results in the pdf format. Now you can add your company’s logo to the document. We have also updated the design of the pdf emailing template.
  • A summary timesheet report is now available. You can now view summarized indicators of time spent on tasks, breaks, idle time, and measure the use of work hours.
  • We have updated the design and behavior of the detailed view of tasks (switching views). Switching between the view modes of task results has become faster and easier.
  • We have added tooltips on hovering over a button. To accelerate the use of Zegoal functions, we have added tooltips in the interface that are displayed on hovering mouse over elements: buttons, icons.
  • Map: filters by the time of last coordinates. An essential update for those tracking the online location of their field force. Now you can pick employees by the time of their last coordinates: who is online now, who was online an hour ago, or more than a day ago.
  • Reporting: we have added a function to select all users by a single button click.
  • Tasks: we have added the multiday task functionality. Tasks can now be assigned with performance spanning several days.
  • Reporting: we have updated the logic of exporting reports to excel consistent with the option of choosing all users, and have updated the logic of grouping.
  • CRM: we have added activity history as a section in the company card.
  • Tasks: Comments: we have added sending a comment by pressing enter.
  • Tasks: detailed task view: we have added the name of the photo consisting of the date, location and performer.
  • We have added permanent task deletion.
  • Tasks: Calendar: we have added company, location, location address, contact person, asset in the task card.

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