How To Increase Customer Loyalty​


Did you know that keeping a customer costs less than attracting a new one?

No matter how big or small your business is if you don’t have a loyal customer base well, you don’t have a business.

When you lose a customer, you not only lose money, but you also give your competitors an advantage over you.

Customer loyalty often spells the difference between success and failure.
So, how can you attract and keep your customers loyal to you?
Well, here are five ways to keep your customers coming back for more.

Proof of Service, what is it?

One of the new ways to attract and keep new clients is by using proof of service. It is an electronic document that keeps a log of all interactions between you and the client.

Photos, videos, audios, and e-signatures are sent to your client once the service has finished. It gives a sense of transparency between you and your client and improves your quality of purpose. Because all your information is digital, you can get a deep analysis of your business.

The great thing about proof of service is that it is paperless. It means that you don’t have to carry around bulks of paperwork and risk misplacing them.

Be Different​

To gain a competitive advantage you need to understand what sets you apart from others in your market.
What is your unique selling point?
What is it that will make customers attracted to what you have to offer in the first place?

Whether its price, quality, service, reliability etc, once you know what sets you apart and how to woo customers, it becomes easier to attract and build a loyal customer base. Another way is to analyse your competitors. What are they doing? More importantly, what aren’t they doing?
Finding the weakness in your competitor’s marketing strategy is a strength for your business.

A Happy Customer is A Loyal One

Remember a happy customer, turns into a long-term loyal one. So, you need to keep them happy.

This is an area that many companies take for granted and don’t pay attention to. Once they have taken the customers money, they no longer care about them.

Obviously, that is not good for business. You want to be known for excellence and you should pride yourself in doing so.

When a customer pays for your product or service, they are giving you their most valuable personal information. That means they already trust you. So, why not look after that trust and nurture them to keep them around.

Get to know your customers on a personal level, listen to their wants and needs. Not only does this keep happy and coming back for more, but it is also a way for you to upsell your services, and the right ones at that.

By up selling a product or service that you know your customer is likely to be interested in, your conversions will increase.

One of the best marketing tactics is word of mouth by your customers.

If a customer is happy, be sure they will tell all their family and friends about it.

And the best thing about word of mouth, it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Aim To Be Seen

In today’s digital world, visibility is essential. Listen, being on social media is a must if you want your business to thrive.

In fact, according to various research, a customer is much more likely to buy from a company that has a solid social media presence. The truth is, social media can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. And with many social media platforms, the opportunities that come with it are endless.

That doesn’t mean you have to be present on every single platform there is. Do some research about which social media platforms your customers are more likely to use and build up your profiles on those. Make sure your customers can find you easily.

Tip: try to keep all your social media handles the same, don’t use different names for each platform. By doing this, potential customers will be able to find you much quicker. Using social media allows you to create a high level of engagement with potential new customers. Answer their questions, tell them about your offers, create a hype around a new product or service. Customers love to feel like their talking to humans and not bots and answering machines. That way, you are gaining their trust from the very beginning so they are more likely to stick around then go elsewhere.

When used correctly social media can be a magic tool for your business, not only can you become more visible but you can reach people on a global scale. The best thing about social media is that it is free to use! You don’t have to throw your money at creating ads that may or may not convert. Sure, they are a good way to create more visibility but, you can become just as visible with free methods of social media marketing.

Stay Relevant​

To gain client loyalty, you need to stay relevant and effective. Be super efficient with your upsells and target marketing. That way, you will maintain your costs and get better conversions. It is all well and good if you offer a great product or service, but, if it is no longer relevant, then there is no use for it.

To stay relevant, you need to move with the flow of your clients and new potentials. What are they interested in? what are they longer interest in? What problems are they facing?

Most importantly, how can you provide the solution?

The Bottom Line

If you are serious about your business, you need to think long-term.

Create engagement, make the most of social media, show your customer you are with them every step of the way.

Keep up with the trends in your niche and provide excellent customer service so customers come to you and not your competitors.

Remember a happy customer, turns into a loyal one.

Give them what they want, present them with irresistible offers, keep them coming back for more and take your business to brand new heights.

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