Why Zegoal’s Automation Solution is a Must in 21st Century Field Service.


The last decade can truly be called the decade of innovation and automation. New explosions of technological advancement have shaken the lives of consumers and businesses alike.

One area that has seen a dramatic transformation, particularly this year, is field service. Whether it’s a healthcare worker, a telecoms engineer, a construction worker, or anybody else who is out and about, now with the COVID pandemic, it’s more important than ever these field employees are able to get in, deliver their service or product, and get out, with a minimum of fuss, hassle, and wasted time.

What’s more, consumers and clients in this age of door-to-door comfort have become unforgiving in their high expectations for services and goods to be delivered any time, any place and without any hitches. When a client reads in their news feed that Elon Musk is regularly carrying out flawless space missions, suddenly things like technical mess-ups seem like unacceptable relics from a forgotten age.

However, according to TSIA, around 52% of service companies are still using manual methods for their field service. This means that the time is ripe to quickly innovate your business practices and get an edge on your competitors.

What’s Wrong With The Current Way Of Doing Things?

The kinds of problems that can crop up in the delivery of a product or service are legion, and uncomfortably familiar to all of us:

Endless paperwork.
Working manually with hard copies of documents has countless problems: storing, organisation, administrative costs, duplications, missing or damaged files… the list goes on. And in the end, as we all know, most of these papers just end up stacking up in some dusty back office somewhere. And that’s not to mention the rainforest!

Poor communication.
Trying to maintain rapid communications using traditional, or non-job-specific methods often lead to mixups, miscommunications and frustrations for everybody involved. This can be costly for the satisfaction of both customers and employees. Modern information flow should be, and can be, just like the air we breathe – not like swimming in a swamp.

Evaluating Employees.
When drowning in unnecessary administrative tasks, it can be hard to keep in mind the hard work and progress of each employee. It’s not always possible to recognise and congratulate when a performance was outstanding or to keep track of each employee’s efficiency and results.

Inefficient time-management
Sent an employee all the way across the city, not knowing that somebody was already in the area? Doubled up on one person’s schedule, and left another person out? Not being able to track your field employee’s location and the time they are putting in is costly losses.

Zegoal’s Field Service Automation: The Perfect Solution.

We built Zegoal’s Field Service Software as a solution to all of the problems listed above. Here are just a few of the ways that your business is about to get 10x more efficient:

All-in-one Interface
All the various areas of the field service workflow – from scheduling, asset management, CRM, tracking and invoicing – can all be easily accessed on a single, user-friendly platform.

Mobile App
We support a desktop-based controller program for the office, and flexible mobile apps for field operators on the go, anytime anyplace.

Complete Automation
Every step of the day-to-day field service workflow can now be automated, from task assignment to invoicing. For example, the back-office directly assigns a job to a field technician, who immediately receives all of the necessary documents required for the task on his mobile device.

Instantly Accessible
All team members can access the same cloud-based data stream from their mobile devices, meaning that all information is completely up-to-date, and communications are seamless, without any lagging or holes.

Increased Efficiency
Time-monitoring software means that things like attendance and time spent on certain tasks can be automatically checked for inefficiency, thus reducing overall costs.

High Quality, Reliable Data
Whether it is data recorded from the automated time tracking feature, or authentic data uploaded straight from the field (eg. photos, videos, audio), nobody needs to worry about unreliable data sources.

Advanced Customer Care
All of the relevant data about a particular client history can be easily accessed in one place. This means the company won’t run into difficulties as a result of any employee absences.

Inbuilt GPS Functionality
Advanced GPS technology has many applications. From rapidly locating a particular asset, to immediately identifying who is the closest field operator to an emergency task location, any logistical challenges can be swiftly mastered.

Cost Reductions
Costs can rise at many points in the field service workflow, as a result of inefficiency. A lot of money can be saved in areas such as administrative costs, fuel consumption, spare hours, missing people or assets.

Easy Invoicing
Invoicing can become a quick and painless process. Simply inputting all of the necessary job information into the software, with any special conditions that apply, and, viola – the calculations are all automatically done! Less pain for you and more transparency for the client is truly a win-win situation!

Why Choose Zegoal? Our Principles and Values

  • We at Zegoal believe that the customer always comes first, second and third!
  • We are convinced that technological progress is the key to impeccable service and are ready to deliver it for you!
  • We believe that time is our most significant treasure, that’s why our goal is to save it for you and your business.

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