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Scheduling and dispatching
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Smart Field Management Scheduling & Dispatching
For Smart Teams

With numerous service requirements and many clients in different regions, field work management may be quite challenging, especially when your company encounters unexpected events such as work order volatility, cancelled appointments, employee unavailability or insufficient internal resources. 

In these situations, assigning tasks to appropriately qualified technicians becomes extremely difficult, and it requires much more effort to deliver outstanding customer service. With field service scheduling software, these challenges may be simplified -thanks to process automation and optimization.

Scheduling and dispatching
Scheduling and dispatching Zegoal

Key Features of Zegoal’s Dispatching & Scheduling Tool

Zegoal’s field service scheduling app provides the following features:

  • Dispatching and scheduling view – Zegoal supports three types of views including calendar, list, and timeline.

  • Single and project task scheduling and dispatching – You can schedule a single task (i.e. one task per field employer) or a project (that involves many tasks and many field employees). 

  • Automated dispatching – Soon you’ll be able to fully optimize your mobile workers’ calendars in real-time. In future, task assignment will be simplified with the automated dispatching option, based on each technician’s skillset, workers’ availability, and their current location.

  • Time management – With an easy-to-read calendar, you have access to field service workers’ schedules and work order details in one place. You can see their daily, weekly or monthly schedule and all the assigned tasks. Technicians’ work time is registered, and details about task execution updated in real-time.
  • User-friendly – You can import multiple tasks from Excel and also search for tasks via filter and sort, no need to go through task logs.

  • In-depth task views – You can view task details such as date-time plan, actual task duration, description, two side task comments (field employee and dispatcher or manager), planned and actual job form, etc.

  • Mobile field service tracking – Real-time tracking helps you control each task’s status and react when needed. With field service scheduling software and GPS integration you can track where your remote workers are, when they are available, and what problems arise. 

  • High service level – In future, when cancellations or delays occur, you’ll be able to use the easy rescheduling option to manage the changes and maintain a high level of service quality.

  • Interactive schedule – Instantly see who is booked when and for how long. Drag, drop, and resize to make quick changes and schedule new jobs.
Scheduling and dispatching

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