Intelligent Reporting for Robust Quality Control

Track field operations, identify opportunities, and spot challenges via fully customizable reports.

Powerful customizable reports Zegoal
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Create Custom Reports To See What’s Keeping Your Team Busy

View the information that’s most important to your business with fully customizable reports. Access reports right from Zegoal or export data to an Excel or CSV file with just a few clicks.

You can also create a report from scratch with our easy-to-use report builder block. Generate new report templates and add any field from Zegoal’s database -from the client’s cards, assets, contacts, locations, employees, etc. You can even add any field from task forms and templates.

Powerful customizable reports Zegoal

Why Do You Need A Report Automation Software?

Whether you want to expand your business or simply care about your company’s well-being, a report analysis software is vital. With accurate reports, you can make informed decisions such as hiring field staff, allocating resources, planning budget, and more.

Your employees don’t have to fill paper forms after every visit, transfer info to sheets, and manually create reports. With Zegoal, you just have to create e-templates and get all information in easy-to-understand reports.

Types of Reports

With Zegoal, you can create a number of reports using:

Built-in, fully customizable report templates

  • Main Task Report – Shows tasks statuses and results. You can follow any task for a detailed view. 
  • Movements Reports – Show how your employees move during the day, tracked via GPS. See how much time they spend on the road and track mileage.
  • Visits Reports – Show how your employees visit your client’s locations (added previously in the CRM block).
  • Timesheet Reports – Show how your employees spend their working time (i.e. when the day starts and ends, when the break is, how long the downtimes are, etc).
Powerful customizable reports Zegoal
Powerful customizable reports Zegoal

Custom report templates

Create your own report template using Zegoal report builder block. Add any field from our extensive database. Everything is drag-and-drop, no coding needed!

Key Features of Zegoal Reporting

  • All reports are fully customizable. You can shift columns and group reports with different fields. 
  • No need to sift through hundreds of entries. You can quickly filter requests in reports.
  • Choose from an extensive range of work reports templates or create your own reports in the custom report builder.
  • All reports can be exported to Excel. You can consolidate data from management reports, customer visit reports, and field service reports for better analysis.
  • Main task report images can be exported to the zip archive. Image name consists of the location name, timestamp, and employee name for convenient tracking.
  • Cloud-based software so you can work with web-app as well as mobile app. No installation needed. 
Powerful customizable reports Zegoal

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