Robust Mobile App With Full Administrative Features To Access Data On The Go.

Check up on projects or log updates instantly from anywhere using the mobile app

Mobile app Zegoal
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Types of Supported Mobile Apps

Mobile application offers complete flexibility to manage assets and field employees on your terms. Zegoal’s mobile app serves multiple purposes. You can use it as a:

  • Task app – You can get, set, complete or cancel tasks. When you get a new task, you’ll receive alert push-notification. You can learn task detail, start it, pause and complete. You can also get and put comments on your task. Custom Job (task) forms are easy to fill. You can enter texts, photo report fields, linked cells, subtasks, date time field, directories fields, sign-on glass, audio record, checklists, and QR/Barcode reader. All mandatory fields must be filed (as they are marked with a red star). 

  • GPS tracking app – Get your employee location online. You can set up the app remotely. No need to ask field employees to change location update period, or action schedule. Mobile app offline mode ensures all locations are collected in the device’s memory and uploaded to the server when connection is restored.
Mobile app Zegoal
Mobile app Zegoal
  • Timesheets app – Start your work chronology and track how much time is spent on tasks, how much time is spent on breaks, and how much time you have in reserve. 

  • CRM mobile app – Learn all about clients, locations, assets, and contact ecards. Add new and edit current info. Other CRM mobile app features include adding comments and descriptions, as well as tracking communication history.

  • Ordering and invoicing app – Create payment docs in the field. You can also create invoices as part of a task (job) or without task association. Add goods and services from directories. Send invoices to your clients via emails.

Key Features of Zegoal’s Mobile Application

Zegoal’s mobile app makes field workforce management easy while on the move. Here are its powerful mobile app features:

    • All-in-one Mobile App – No need to use separate task apps, GPS tracking app, timesheets app, CRM app, and ordering and invoicing app. Zegoal consolidates all these apps into a single solution that works offline and syncs when connection is restored.
    • Track & Manage On The Go – Stay as mobile as your assets and employees with the Android or iOS devices (coming soon) you already own.
Mobile app Zegoal
Mobile app Zegoal
  • Mobile Actions – Run the workflow actions you have defined directly from your mobile devices.

  • Reporting Access- In future, you’ll be able to stay in the loop with downloadable reports accessible directly in the mobile app.

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