Field Service Invoicing Software To Ensure No Payment Is Missed

Software solution for field service businesses designed to help with quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and getting paid faster.

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Save Time on Paperwork & Ensure Better Accuracy With the Best Billing Software

Create, manage, and sync invoices in real-time. For added convenience, job estimation and invoicing is integrated into Zegoal’s scheduling and invoicing software. You can generate invoices on the fly based on job duration and parts usage reported in the field. 

Invoices can be sent securely to your accounting platform depending on your package. Refer to our pricing plans for more info. You can also share invoices by email.

Key Features of Zegoal Ordering & Invoicing

Keep track of the cash flow and bill every client on time, every time, with these features:

  • Easy-to-Use Billing Invoice Software – Create invoices using pre-built templates via a simple invoicing software. You can add proof of service to the invoice, which is built from scratch in the form builder.

  • Transform a Field Report into an Invoice – Your field workers can report on parts and/or services used on the job. Instantly convert this information into an invoice.

  • Mobile & App Access – Create orders and invoices in web and mobile apps.
  • Easy Cash Collection – Collect cash on the field, no need to visit any office.

  • Payment Flexibility – You can choose any payment method that suits your needs. Your hands won’t be tied!

  • Associated Task & Invoices  – Link tasks with invoices or vice versa for a smoother workflow.

  • Easy Invoice Sharing – Share PDF invoices with your clients via email.
  • Look Up Directories – Search services and goods in directories and add them to invoices for quick billing. 

  • Send Estimates to Customers – Our powerful invoicing engine can be used to create estimates. These can be created on the fly or from data collected in the field.

  • Set Payment Status – You can control payment statuses by marking paid, unpaid, or payment overdue.

  • Integration – Integrate with your existing accounting system for streamlined, consolidated operations.

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