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Control portal

Zegoal Platform is designed for automation of work and control of the field employees, i.e. the staff spending most of their working time outside the office.

It includes a controller (operator/manager) workplace and a mobile workplace for a field employee.

Controller’s workplace is a control portal that is available for use on any computer with a browser and Internet access.

Web-interface ensures control of 3 main processes:

·      Route and task planning;

·      Monitoring, i.e. real time control;

·       Analytics, i.e. results control andanalysis on the basis of reports provided.

The service is available at

Enter this address in your browser, and type the name of your company in the pop up window.

Then, enter your username (e-mail) and password in the pop up login window.

If you require any assistance regarding use of Zegoal service, you can always quickly open this manual with the Help button in the service interface.

Task forms are assigned to a route point, and a set of them constitutes a Task Assigned.

A task form contains a sequence of actions, a list of works to be performed, collection of necessary information, or any other amount of scheduled actions.

To create a new form:

1. Click on the “Create” button.

2. Type the name of the new form.

3. Save the form by clicking “Save”.

To create a new form:

1. Click on the “Create” button.

2. Type the name of the new form.

3. Save the form by clicking “Save”.


In the “Forms” window, forms can be created, edited, or deleted.

The window consists of 3 parts:

  1. The central part is used to create, edit, and delete task forms.
  2. The right part contains an exhaustive list of elements, of which the form is compiled; besides, it reflects properties of a highlighted form element.
  3. The left part contains a list of forms.

A form can contain the following functional elements:

With the Text element, any text can be added to a form. It can be used for explanatory notes or detailed descriptions of events. A default value can be set. The Number element works similarly; however, only integers can be used here, and no other data types are allowed.

Checkboxes allow indicating that a certain stage of a task has been completed.

Date is an element that allows date indication by selection from calendar. Similarly, Time is a time setting element with a convenient clock-shaped selection interface. The Date and Time allows setting of both values simultaneously.

Photo allows you to take a picture with your tablet/ smartphone camera to attach it to a task report. Picture quality parameters can be set, which helps to gain server space

Audio allows a person setting the task to record voice comments to the task executors.

Selection – the executor can select ONE element from the list. If several elements need to be allowed, opt for the Multi-select element.

Useful tip. To add several options to the Multi-select, enter the first option’s name in the “Selection Options” field, and press Enter on the keyboard. Then, enter the second option’s name, etc.

A form can also include other pre-set forms in form of a hierarchical list. Nested Form and Nested Repeated Form are provisioned to create such elements.

Signature allows the executor to send signature of a responsible person as a reporting element.

QR-code allows reading and authorisation of a QR-code with a phone camera.

Form element order can be altered with the striped button.

The button for element deletion from a form is also located there.


Form objects can feature another important property, i.e. whether an input field is mandatory. It will be impossible to mark a form as completed unless the executer fills in the mandatory fields. The form constructor has a special switch to make fields mandatory or remove this property.


This section contains information on all employees of your company, their location, and tasks.

Click on an employee name to review or modify their personal data.

In user settings, it is possible to set data collection and sending frequency, timeout, location detection methods (GPS, Fused – Google), as well as set the work schedule and log file settings.

To change settings for ALL users in the company, use the Company Settings in the Admin section

Here, the same settings are available as for separate users, but these will apply to all users in the company that have no individual settings previously set. 


Using the “Tasks” button, you can review all tasks of an employee as of certain date or time range (by default, as of the current date)

Next to the name of each task, there is a tag indicating current status of that task. Green tag indicates that the task is completed; blue striped tag indicates that the task is assigned for fulfilment; and the red one shows that the task was not completed.

Clicking on any chosen task allows detailed progress revision and the uploaded enclosures (pictures or audio recordings), if the task form allows such types of information in reporting.

To create a new “Company”:

1. Enter CRM.

2. Click on the “Create” button.

3. Fill in the fields.

4. Click on “Create” again.

For each company, several locations can be created. Additional locations can be added in the “Locations” section of the CRM tab.

Information on companies and location can be uploaded from an .xlsx file using the import wizard.

Please use files that are compliant with the template, otherwise your import will not be completed. Please, leave no blank lines between items. To download the template file, open the “Download template” link


Asset can be placed at a location. The picture below contains an example of a asset list with parameters that can be seen in the “Asse” section of the “CRM” tab

Here, it is also possible to create new asset items with the “Create” button

Obligatory asset parameters are Name and Location. Location shall be selected from the list of previously created locations.

For asset, it is useful to indicate the purchase date, serial number, and warranty term, as this will help to add to Zegoal Pro not only the list of employees, but also the history of important equipment.

To create a task:

1. Click on the “Tasks” button.

2. Click on the “Create” button.

Fill in the necessary information on your task, and save it by clicking on the “Create” button.

This list reflects the tasks assigned for the current date.

You can also create or revise a list of unassigned tasks. To assign a task, click on its name.

Then click the “Modify” button.

Assign the task to an employee, and click “Save”.

Tasks in the “For This Week” list can be filtered by employee, date, location, or status.

In the “Completed” list, all completed tasks can be filtered by employee, date, location, or status. In the picture above, an example of filtering by task status is shown. You can create your own sets of task filtering criteria using the Filters button group (marked with a red frame).

Task Synchronisation with Zegoal Sales

If you are using synchronisation with Zegoal Sales, you can create tasks with visiting of points in Zegoal Pro, and these will be synchronised with Zegoal Sales. For this, select a special Mobile Trade form, when creating a task.

Upon task saving, it will be synchronised with Zegoal Sales base of your company. Remember, that after adding new tasks in Zegoal Sales app synchronisation is a must. Detailed description of the synchronisation process in Zegoal Sales mobile app is available her

To compile a report:

1. Click on the “Reports” button.

2. Select a report type.

3. Set the reporting term.

4. Select an employee.

5. Click on the “Apply” button.

6. Click on the “Start” button

The Tracks report you see on a map shows the complete actual route of an employee.

By clicking on a certain point, information on that point can be revised, including time, coordinates, map tags, battery charge level, number of satellites at such point, and speed.

If two points are connected with a dotted line, this means, that there are no intermediate points between them regardless of significant distance, and a track may fail to reflect the actual route

The “Administration” section contains several tabs:

1. Directories

2. Forms

The “Reference Books” tab allows you to create, delete, and edit the data on: “Company Groups”, “Positions” and others.

The “Forms” tab allows you to create, delete, and edit the data from a new or already existing form 

At present, several directories are available, the main of which are the Staff groups and the Positions reference books.

Staff Groups allows conveniently sorting employees by units and tasks performed, as well as managing access right. A user can be a part of a group, and those having manager’s rights can be group managers. A user can be assigned as a group manager via the “Available Groups” field in user settings. Administrators are managers of all employees; there is no need to assign “Available Groups” for them.

Positions constitute a reference book of employee positions in the company.

Example. Indicate the “Sweeper” position for an employee, so you will see it in the list of employees when assigning tasks to avoid errors, such as assigning cleaning tasks to an employee with other duties.

For the convenience of search and logical assortment of companies, you can also group Locations and Companies, e.g. sort locations by cities, scope, number of employees, etc.

Mobile App

Zegoal mobile app is meant for the use of average employees of the companies using Zegoal SW program. This app is not suitable for separate use. The purpose of the app is to ensure that employees receive tasks from the management, control employee movements during the day, upload progress data and task fulfilment time from an employee to a manager using Zegoal control portal, including graphic documents (pictures), as well as to simplify and manage orders.

Besides, the mobile app allows executors to not only revise current tasks, but also completed and unfinished task archive, exchange information with managers, and expressly indicate task performance progress and task fulfilment time.

Zegoal mobile app can be installed on Android smartphones or tablets. Minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • Dual core processor of at least 1.2 GHz;
  • 1 Gb RAM;
  • 100 mb free memory of programs for installation;
  • Android 5.1 and above.


There are two ways to install Zegoal app:

  • from Google Play;
  • from an apk file.

Installation from Google Play

  1. Find Google Play or Play Market in the app list of your smartphone/ table, and open it.
  2. Type Zegoal Pro in the search line, and select Zegoal Pro.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. In case, if “The app requires access permission” system notifications appear, click on “Allow”.
  5. Upon successful installation, the app icon will be added to the program list. 

Installation from an APK file

This type of installation is recommended only if there is no Google Play on your device, as in this case automatic updates of Zegoal program will not be available.

  1. Download the Zegoal_last.apk installation file at and copy it to the device in any possible way (e.g. with a memory card)
  2. In the file manager of the device, find Zegoal_last.apk file, and click on its name
  3. Click on “Install”. If Android security system notification appears, select “Allow installation from unknown sources”
  4. In case, if “The app requires access permission” system notifications appear, click on “Allow”
  5. Upon successful installation, the app icon will be added to the program list


If, due to any reasons, the installation fails, please make sure your device complies with the minimum system requirements, then address Zegoal support service, notifying them on your device model, operation system version, and the error notification text displayed during installation. It is preferable that you attach a screenshot with the error notification when sending a request by e-mail or Viber.


Zegoal mobile app requires Internet access to operate properly. Make sure that, upon the first launch, your device is connected to the Internet via mobile network (EDGE, 3G, and 4G) or Wi-Fi. For field employees, it is preferable to use mobile connection, as Wi-Fi range is limited, and will often result in loss of Internet access. To check network connection, open a browser ON YOUR smartphone/ tablet, and type in the search line, as shown in the picture below.

If the site opens successfully,

then you are connected to the Internet, and nothing blocks access to the Zegoal servers. If the site fails to open, check the Internet connection or address your system administrator for help with Internet settings.

First use of Zegoal mobile app

Launch Zegoal mobile app

Upon the first launching, it is obligatory to indicate your company domain (in form of, where the company name shall be written in lower case Latin letters). Subsequently, this setting will be saved. For the domain, address your administrator.


Having indicated the company name, click on the “Send” button, and type your official e-mail (which is used as a user name) and password, click on the “Login” button.

The main page of Zegoal program will open, and Android notification panel will show the Zegoal icon notifying, that Zegoal collects location data

ATTENTION! If you are facing problems logging in the mobile app, make sure that you type the password in the right case. You can also use the “Forgot Password” option on the home screen. In this case, instructions on password recovery will be sent to your e-mail.

Useful tip. Upon successful first launch, add Zegoal app to the list of apps automatically launching on your device. For this, open Settings/All Apps, find Zegoal, and select Auto Launch.

Home screen of Zegoal mobile app consists of 3 main tabs: “Tasks”, “Task”, and “Profile”. Switch between tabs by clicking on relevant icons in the bottom of the home screen.

Current tasks for a certain date are shown on the “Tasks” tab. By default, the current date is used.

If there are no tasks for the selected date, “No upcoming tasks” notification will appear along with a coffee cup icon.

Besides, the task list shows a notification if the app has no connection to Zegoal servers. In such case, “Work offline” notification will be shown.

It is possible to select any date by clicking on a calendar button in the upper part of the screen on the “Tasks” tab. This allows you to revise your task archive, as well as the tasks for the next few days. To simultaneously revise tasks for several days, select several dates in the pop up calendar menu. The list of tasks for these dates will be shown on the screen.

With the magnifying glass button, you can find any task by parameters. Upon clicking on the button, enter any parameter of the task or a part of a parameter.

Example. To find tasks to be performed at 28 Pinskaya Str, Minsk, it is enough to type “Minsk” in the search line, and click on the tick button. All the tasks, parameters of which contain Minsk, Pinskaya, etc. will be shown.

For each task, completion date, name, and address are shown, as well as current status in form of a sign:

task scheduled

task being fulfilled

task temporarily suspended

task not completed

task completed

Select a task from the list to commence its fulfilment or revise parameters

A list of data required for a report will open, as well as the task fulfilment commencement and completion buttons

On the “INFO” tab, all the task details are presented, including task description, location, deadline, and company.

Useful tip. On the “Tasks” tab, slide from top of the screen to the bottom, this will update the task list, if it is not automatically updated due to poor connection.

Task creation with the mobile app

Users with worker’s rights can create new tasks for themselves using the mobile app by choosing from a list of forms offered. For this, they shall use the “Create” button on the “Tasks” tab.

Then, they will enter all the task parameters, such as form (forms can only be edited via control portal), company, location, starting date, starting time, and comments.

When all the fields are filled in, and the “Create” button is clicked on, the task will be shown in the list, and its fulfilment can be started.

Users with administrator or manager rights can also assign other employees as task executors using the mobile app.

This tab shows the task currently being fulfilled

If no task is being fulfilled, the “Task” tab will be disabled. To start a new task, first select it on the “Tasks” tab, and click on the task start button.

Measurement of time for the task fulfilment will start. Repeated click on the button will pause the task.

Current task consists of various clauses, each requiring 1 of following actions:

  • take a picture or record an audio, and upload to server;
  • scan a QR-code;
  • select an option from a pop up list;
  • select several options from a pop up list;
  • obtain a signature.

A task can contain several levels or a nested form.

Upon successful completion of an action for a clause, its colour on the screen will change from black to blue.

Once all the actions are performed, the task can be completed by clicking on the tick button on the right from the timer.

Then, the task will be deemed completed.

If a task cannot be completed for any reason, it is possible to cancel its fulfilment by clicking on the cross button on the left from the timer. The task will be marked as not completed, and closed.

ATTENTION! This action is irreversible, and the task terminated by it cannot be restarted. To pause a task/resume fulfilment use the button.

Useful tip. Fulfil tasks one by one, as Zegoal mobile app does not allow simultaneous fulfilment of several tasks. Complete one task successfully, then start another one.

This tab shows current user data (name, surname, company, and status in the system), positioning service status, as well as information on Zegoal mobile app version and date of the last update.

Clicking on “GPS Service” button provides detailed information on data collection by Zegoal app (this setting can be blocked by your administrator).

Positioning service can be switched on or off here (using the GPS Service slider), Internet connection to Zegoal servers can be checked (the Internet Connection line), as well as location detection status (Geolocation), Zegoal GPS-service operation status, and the number of messages in the Black Box of the app (Black Box Messages). Black Box is a special storage for various information that is created by Zegoal app but not transferred to the server. Normally, the app contains 0 Black Box messages. In case of temporary loss of connection, messages will be stored in the Black Box, and the number of messages will be shown to the user. If there are many messages in the Black Box, ensure stable Internet connection; if your Internet access is working, address Zegoal support service.

Besides, this window shows the date and time of the last connection to the server, current coordinates (if detected), and the number of satellites used (only if positioning is based exclusively on GPS without other Android services).

To exit the “GPS Service” window, click on the <- button in the upper left corner of the app interface.

Besides, you can find the “About Us” button on the “Profile” tab indicating current Zegoal app version, and the last update date.

Useful tip. When addressing Zegoal support service, always provide the operator with your current Zegoal app version.

Zegoal app can detect location with the use of several services provided by Android operating system of your smartphone/ tablet.

By default, GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile network-based method is used. If there are issues with this method (poor location detection accuracy, incorrect determination of current date), select the “By GPS Satellites” mode in your smartphone/ tablet settings. This mode ensures the highest data reliability, but GPS system performance is influenced by many factors.

These factors include following:

  1. The build-up density;
  2. The distance to power transmission lines and significant sources of radio signals;
  3. The condition of electric components of a vehicle, smartphone/ tablet charger;
  4. The positioning systems supported by your device. In particular, many modern smartphones use the GLONASS positioning system along with GPS. Such devices are preferable.

Remember that GPS signal transmission in buildings is unreliable.

Zegoal Pro app allows you to create tasks using pre-set forms. Administrators and managers can create tasks for other users.

To create a task, go to the “Plan” tab of the app, and use the “Create” button

Select a task template (form), company, location, date, and time. Text description can also be added here.

Upon filling in all necessary fields, the “Create” button will be activated. Click on it and revise the task list; if you have assigned a task for yourself, it will be shown in the list.

Zegoal Pro app sends notifications on the new tasks received by the app user; new tasks are highlighted in the task list. Besides, notifications on Zegoal Pro service and GPS data reception are sent

There is no need to set this function yourself; for it to operate, Zegoal Pro app must be authorized to send notifications in your Android system.


Open Mobile Manager App.

Open Power Consumption settings.

Open Battery Optimization settings.

Put the switches “Stop after the screen is out” and “Automatically prevent apps from launching AutoPlay” in the “Off” position.

Go back and open the AutoPlay settings.

Put the Zegoal Pro switch in the “On” position to make the app fall into the Permitted category.


Xiaomi MIUI 9-10

Open the smartphone settings – Applications.

Find Zegoal Pro and switch “AUTOPLAY” on, choose “NO RESTRICTIONS” mode for Activity Control

Apps Permissions – “Allow Everything”.

Smartphone settings

Power supply and Productivity – POWER SAVING – SWITCH OFF



Open the smartphone settings.

Power Manager – Power supply – choose “HIGH PRODUCTIVITY” mode


А1 Alpha 2019 Android 9.0

Smartphone settings

Apps and Notifications

Optional – Special access – Battery conservation – Zegoal Pro – “DO NOT SAVE A BATTERY”

Smartphone settings


Energy conservation – “SWITCH OFF”

Maximum energy conservation “SWITCH OFF”

Apps settings – Zegoal Pro – “DO NOT OPTIMIZE”

Control – Zegoal Pro – “SWITCH OFF”

Huawei TIT – AL00 2016 Android 5.1

Smartphone settings


Energy conservation on standby – “SWITCH OFF”

Energy conservation – “PRODUCTIVE”

Secure applications – Zegoal Pro – “ALLOW” (continue working after sleep mode activated)

Position (geolocation, geo-data) – A-GPS – “SWITCH OFF”


Samsung Galaxy S7-S10

Smartphone settings

Optimization – Battery – List of exceptions – Add an app – Zegoal Pro.


Smartphone settings

Apps / Gear icon in the top right corner / Special access / Battery conservation / All apps / find Zegoal Pro at the bottom of the list, click on it.

Choose Do not conserve.


Open Smartphone settings and move to Battery.

Put the Energy conservation mode in the “Off” position.

Move to Advanced settings of the Energy conservation mode by clicking on the left part of this item.

Find and click on Zegoal Pro.

Put the switch in the “Do not conserve a battery” position.

Open the Apps and Notifications item in the smartphone settings.

Click on Advanced settings.

Move to the Special access item.

Move to the Unlimited mobile Internet item.

Find Zegoal Pro and put the switch in the “On” position


Open Security.

Open Permissions.

Open Apps Management.

Find Zegoal Pro and allow the application to function in the background.

Open Smartphone settings.

Open Advanced settings.

Open Battery.

Put the switch Power supply plan in the “Productive” position.

Open Secure Apps and put the Zegoal Pro switch in the “Secure” position.

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