Experience Efficiency Improvements & Reductions in Time Spent Chasing Down Assets

Ditch your spreadsheets.
Get faster access to vital asset information and full lifecycle data.

Asset management
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Accelerate Your Workflows With Mobile Asset Management

Zegoal provides a highly configurable fixed asset tracking system that works the way you do. Every asset is as unique as the workflows around it, so we’ve designed a system that can track everything about a laptop just as well as everything about a lawnmower. With the right fit, you can enforce compliance, improve data integrity, and eliminate time-wasting duplicate processes.

Asset management app
Asset management

Key Features of Zegoal Asset Management Software

Get control of your assets and rapidly access vital equipment data for all your onsite and remote teams with features including:

  • Taking CRM a Step Ahead – Zegoal’s asset management services are available as a special addon to CRM available in advanced packages. See pricing plans.

  • Asset Association – You can associate assets with locations and companies.

  • Easy To Control – You can set tasks to assets in order to control all history of assets from production date to last service.
  • Wide Variety of Asset Fields – Available asset fields include type, model, serial number, inventory number, internal location address, dates of production, installation, guarantee term, and images. 

  • Linking With Job Forms – Special link fields in job forms can be associated with your asset field information. All field information can be transferred to the mobile app and will be a part of the job form. You can change linked fields in mobile app and all new information will be recorded to asset ecard. 

  • Consolidated Asset Management – Consolidate an unlimited amount of knowledge into a single asset record. Full action histories, warranty information, user manuals, photos, and more give you everything you need to know from production to disposal and beyond.
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